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the higher gearing effect on aggregate claims costs. Barbados Light Power was reported in a recent interview to have spent US250,000 on vulnerability reduction measures to make its properties capable of withstanding severe damage from a Class III (under 120 mph wind speed) hurricane. The company is not a captive insurance company of the CHA: neither CHA nor its members own. Requirements that the security and reliability of overseas reinsurers that take on portfolios of local coverage be verified. Annotation: Common structural measures for disaster risk reduction include dams, flood levies, ocean wave barriers, earthquake-resistant construction and evacuation shelters. Drost, Markus Ulrich,. Regional Risk Retention Capacity. The use auchan code promo livraison of mitigation as a primary strategy in facing the consequences of natural disasters is slowly, but increasingly, gaining acceptance in public and private sectors around the world. While such a commitment from various governments may be difficult to carry through, it might be accomplished with less resistance once the value of the contributions is shown methodically to be less than the value of post disaster debt and reconstruction costs (particularly where public. Much of the housing in the Caribbean is constructed by small builders and contractors with little attention to, or awareness of the appropriate standards for structure and materials. For home properties, mortgage and other lending institutions can help finance the self-insurance portion resulting from the application of claims deductibles and underinsurance penalties so as to assure timely repairs on their collateral.

Means of preventing or ameliorating the consequences of natural disasters in the Caribbean fall into two basic categories: (1) hazard mitigation and vulnerability reduction measures adopted before a hazard event to minimize losses, and (2) economic mechanisms such as insurance, which pre-finance the costs. If the hazard is grossly oversimplified,.g. Outside audit reports include certification of assets held.

Annotations: Examples of physical assets that are the basis for calculating direct economic loss include homes, schools, hospitals, commercial and governmental buildings, transport, energy, telecommunications infrastructures and other infrastructure; business assets and industrial plants; and production such as crops, livestock and production infrastructure. A computer-generated wind study performed by a sub-contractor of the risk-management firm provided a probable maximum loss profile of the region and divided the Caribbean into six different risk zones, suggesting that there appeared to be enough diversification of risks among these zones to allow. 32 Earthquake Deaths / damages 12/08/56 Earthquake Deaths / damages Sept. National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction A generic term for national mechanisms for coordination and policy guidance on disaster risk reduction that are multisectoral and interdisciplinary in nature, with public, private and civil society participation involving all concerned entities within a country. No major damage to telephone facilities was reported. Catastrophe commitments deserve clear tabulation, with segregation both for disaster types (hurricane, earthquake, etc.) and for alternative severity scenarios (hurricane storm tracks, wind speed classes, and earthquake Richter-scale severities). Reinsurance: The mechanism by which one insurance company contractually passes a proportion of insured risks to another insurance company, the reinsurer. Risk relates a hazard to vulnerability.

The idea of creating regional reinsurance pools for local primary insurers has been debated often in the Caribbean. In total, the program took roughly 18 months to put in place. The Caribbean Unified Building Code (cubic completed a few years ago, has not been fully adopted and lacks a committed inspection and certification capability. Coping capacity is the ability of people, organizations and systems, using available skills and resources, to manage adverse conditions, risk or disasters. It is recommended that, to be strong and effective, insurance regulation include the following:. Compared with other markets, most of those in the Caribbean are unduly reticent about disclosing the data required for public and regulatory demonstration of fiscal performance. Current discussions between the Commissioner and companies cover the exact availability of the Fund moneys,.g., the extent to which a single catastrophe should consume the whole fund, and statutory accounting regulation of Fund amounts vis-a-vis companies' capital and surplus funds. Disaster risk management plans set out the goals and specific objectives for reducing disaster risks together with related actions to accomplish these objectives.