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and the other two of the patron and the Church Commissioners. The defendant either pleads guilty and is sentenced, or answers the charge or complaint. The inspections are arranged in the first place by parochial church councils, using one of the designated diocesan architects appointed under the measure (under the latest revision of the scheme in 1993, architects are not formally designated to carry out inspections, but an architect may. The fact that the Church is established also explains why at certain periods its jurisdiction has extended over more than just its own members, for supermagnete code promo lesradins instance in the areas of probate and marriage law. The powers of the courts and spiritual chancellor at their widest can be summarised under the following heads: the furnishing and ordering (including the regulation of pews) of church buildings and burial grounds (faculties offences relating to ritual or doctrine; moral offences by the clergy. The functions of the Tithe Redemption Commission were transferred to the Inland Revenue in 1960. A few 15th-16th century probate records relating to the dean and chapter of Durham's Allertonshire peculiar survive among the separately described collection of Durham Cathedral Muniments.

The Durham diocesan registrar combines his administrative functions (see description of the separate section of records of episcopal administration) with his role as the chief legal officer of the spiritual chancellor, in which he organizes the administrative side of the work of the consistory court. Typically, the "great" tithes (corn, hay and wood) were held by the record of the parish (whether a clergyman or lay impropriator and the others small" tithes) were held by the vicar. Note that the substantial aspects of this measure only apply if PCCs choose to pass resolutions to put them into effect. Lists of parishes in each deanery at different dates are given in the various editions of the Durham Diocesan Directory. At that point, they will be offered for permanent retention with the diocesan archives. The bishop of Durham's ecclesiastical jurisdiction should be distinguished from his temporal powers over the secular courts of the Palatinate of Durham (see separately described collection of Palatinate of Durham Records). Unbeneficed Clergy Assistant Stipendiary Curates Reference: DDR/EA/CLC The 1713 Simony Act, 1813 Curates Act, 1838 Plurality Act and subsequent acts all included clauses to regulate the appointment, licensing and stipends of assistant stipendiary curates. The records indicate that 16th-century visitations in Durham sometimes included a synod or general gathering of all the clergy of the diocese or a defined part of it, where the bishop or his commissary would meet with them and issue monitions (admonishments) or a charge.

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