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2004 to 2008, the annual publication of the legal population of the different French. Five newspapers cover the Le Havre agglomeration: the dailies Le Havre libre, Le Havre Presse, Paris Normandie in its Le Havre edition in collaboration with Le Havre Presse and Liberté-Dimanche (communal Sunday edition of the previous three) are part of the Hersant group which. Since then population has decreased again, especially between 19: during these years of industrial code promo 1 jour ailleurs crisis the population fell by 18,494 people. Monseigneur Michel Saudreau, its first bishop, was ordained on 22 September 1974. The Saint Francis neighborhood was also rebuilt after 1945 citation needed but in a radically different architectural style: the buildings are brick and have pitched slate roofs. 38 At the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century, the area around the railway station has undergone a major transformation. The playwright Jacques-François Ancelot (17941854) was also a native of Le Havre. The cheapest carpooling offers from Le Havre to Honfleur. The University Institutes of Technology of Le Havre occupies two main sites: one in the upper town in the Caucriauville-Rouelles district which was opened in 1967 and another in the Eure district since 2011.

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Many holiday destinations are offered each year ( Tunisia, Balearic Islands, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, etc.) through local travel agencies that charter aircraft. The history of the city is inextricably linked to its harbour. The destruction of the museum was so intense, that all the catalogues, lists of donations, lists of purchases and other archives prevented even a precise inventory of all that was lost." 150 The Shipowner's house From the 18th century; like the Museum of Old Havre. A Ferry ( LD Lines ) in the port of Le Havre. 106 Several major local sportsmen began their career at Le Havre: the swimmer Hugues Duboscq was an Olympic medallist several times. The Church of Saint Joseph du Havre, built by Auguste Perret, dominates the city with its spire 107m high. Frank Le Gall, in Novembre toute l'année (November all year) (2000) embarks Theodore Poussin at Le Havre on the Cap Padaran.

44 The foreign population is estimated at 8,525 persons.8 of the population. Note 1 Population change (See database),620 19,000 19,482 20,768 23,816 25,618 27,154 31,325 56,137 74,336 60,055 85,825 92,068 105,867 112,074 116,369 119,196 132,430 136,159 163,374 158,022 165,076 164,083 106,934 139,029 205,236 217,882 199,388 195,854 190,924 183,900 177,259 - Sources : Ldh/ehess/Cassini until 1962, insee database from.

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