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trust and offers the units for sale. Maturity schedule The listing, by dates and amounts, of principal maturities of an issue. Bonds that are non-investment grade are also called high-yield bonds. "Non sticky" jump Z-tranches maintain their priority only temporarily, for as long as the triggering event is present. P I (principal and interest) The term used to refer to regularly scheduled payments or prepayments of principal and of interest on mortgage securities.

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While the purpose of this page is to provide a convenient summary, for definitive information about RRBs (or any security) refer to the prospectus and related official documents. IO securities are priced at a deep discount to the "notional" amount of principal used to calculate the amount of interest due. Serial bonds All or a portion of an issue with stated maturities in consecutive years (as opposed to mandatory sinking fund redemption amounts). Rate covenant A covenant in the financing proceedings requiring the charging of rates or fees for the use of specified facilities or operations at least sufficient to achieve a stated minimum coverage. At discount prices (cheaply, at lower cost than usual) à prix réduit bank discount (finance: interest deducted after payment) escompte cash discount (reduced price for payment in cash) remise pour paiement comptant If you go to the warehouse, you can get a ten percent cash. WordReference English-French Dictionary 2018: Formes composées at a discount (at a reduced price) en réduction, au rabais The student card allows you to buy train tickets at a discount.