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show much spiral detail in galaxies is probably its greatest drawback as a deep sky instrument. Jon Isaac(San Diego, California from an online thread entitled, How much does a secondary affect the view? All were well shown, as one would expect in a good quality 150mm scope. Those other scopes with all those fiddly bits and hand controllers and whirling motors are fairly intimidating to the general public I think. The figure on that primary is just excellent. Mike, I can fully attest to some of the most incredible planetary views and double stars with one of your 6 f/9 mirrors in a custom made telescope. This is because the central obstruction actually puts more light in the 1st diffraction ring at the expense of light in the airy disk, so the airy disc looks smaller which helps resolving close doubles. To me the Ops question is a matter of personal preference as much as it is of performance. The Newtonian reflector is a popular choice. But this didnt have much to do with the fact that it was a refractor vs a reflector, but rather more to do with the fact that is is a virtually perfect refractor up against a telescope with optics that were only Fairly good optically. Spend the time training yourself to get the most from a smaller aperture.

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My 6 F8 continues to be my most used scope. Rhadamantys, from an online thread entitled, Reflector versus refractor. A 4 inch relatively fast ED refractor. But the simple fact is that the Dob design works better for bigger scopes than for smaller ones. Give the instrument chance and it will absolutely amaze you. I have an EdgeHD 8, a SW120ED and a 10 solid tube Dob, and I know how Jupiter looks in all three. Reflectors with focal ratios of f/6 and greater will be called shallow dish telescopes.

And dollar for dollar, high quality reflectors rule. Should be able to split at moderate magnification. The amount of aberration is just too much for me unless you plug in a coma corrector or use premium eyepieces.

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